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Who We Are

Richfield Engineering India Private Limited was established in 2004. Richfield grown to provide Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Fabrication, Field Construction, Energy Solutions, Consultancy & Project Management Services Integrating its strength from its Management & Experience.


In alliance with several of our associates we cover services to Core Industries viz. Power Projects, Refinery, Cement Plant, Steel Industry, Mineral & Chemical Processing Plants, covering Core and Supportive Industries.


Richfield Engineering India, actively provide services covering Design, Detailed Engineering, Fabrication, Supply Services for Industry, and also provide customized solutions for individual customer need covering stand along equipment, steelworks and allied need.

The Management with sound experience working on various projects for products and services within India and Overseas has provided a strong foundation for the company to evolve itself to an organization providing value services.


Richfield Engineering India is accredited ISO 9001: 2008 certification covering "Engineering & Project Management Services including Design, Detailed Engineering, and Fabrication & Supply of Steelworks, Equipment, Piping, Tanks & Material Handling Equipment, and Site Installation Services & Associated Civil Works."


Richfield Engineering India Private Limited, constant aim is to achieve & sustain excellence in our activities, to Engineer, Produce, Supply & Install superior quality products & render quality service both for our products and services at all times.


We are committed to provide customer satisfaction & continual improvement of our performance to meet customer satisfaction, with commitment to develop and maintain a motivated workforce which has lead us to become one of solution providers among the best in the industry.

We are committed to care for Health, Safety & Environment in terms of Manpower & Human Resource engaged directly or indirectly in our services and care for their safety without concession to the environment.



Our mission at Richfield Engineering India Private Limited is to provide advanced engineering services throughout a wide range of sectors and industries. We comply by adhering to social responsibility and highest quality standards. We’re committed to supporting and adding value for our customers in every project we undertake.



To manufacture and supply equipments & products to meet customers’ needs, applicable statutory, regulatory and safety standards, so as to maintain dominant position in the market in domestic and international market.  Accomplish the vision of the company, by offering technologically advanced and reliable products and services to the best satisfaction of the customers.  To improve competitiveness and profitability through continual analysis in quality of products, processes, systems, technology and after sales.

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Through leadership and non-negotiable guidelines, we have successfully built an interdependent safety culture that protects the well being our employees, visitors, contractors and assets, thereby delivering a successful environment for responsible growth.

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