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Our Value Engineering encompass for all our customers and projects with advanced engineering solutions, product, interalia marketing services, project management and other cost benefit services to companies across multiple industries creating a successful environment for companies to thrive for future.

We are an assured success solutions provider with capabilities throughout the product development lifecycle, ranging from conceptual design to manufacturing to marketing stratagem. We have extensive experience in the implementation, maintenance, and customization of engineered products for various industries.

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Value Engineering - process of optimizing projects and processes to accrue benefit from reduced costs, improved performance, quality, higher throughput, increased deliverance and higher sustained profits.
We propose it as a set of disciplined methodologies that aims for optimum value for initial and long-term investment. Value engineering, thus, is a creative and organized effort to analyze the requirement of every project where we integrate with our team of associate, experts and affiliates to ensure the essential functions at the lowest possible costs.

Value Engineering is not only a cost cutting process. Richfield solutions offers methods to Cost reduction by eliminating multiple functions or using low-quality systems, whilst implementing investigative focused approach on value and economy to determine adaptive alternative design approaches, materials and construction techniques for meeting customer need to State of Art deliverable without compromising on function, quality or value.

Our multidisciplinary team can assist on various methods to reduce cost while maintaining value. Some of them include-

•    Removing/ Modifying components or systems not necessary for essential functions
•    Eliminating over engineering of systems
•    Using alternative design approaches to achieve value at lower costs
•    Modifying or replacing components to improve performance or quality to meet owner requirements

Let's take an example to show you how you can benefit from value engineering. One of the most common scopes of cost savings, as we have seen over the years, lies in oversized systems. Such systems create various issues when it comes to consolidation of equipment and optimum layout of engineering communications. Often, the system designs don't consider the local market or climate conditions. Oversized systems also need more space to house auxiliary increase in capex, eg. For process plant cover addon mechanical equipment, piping and ductwork. All  additions are always not efficient in terms of controlling various factors effectively not only leading to extraneous cost but also impact the architectural and structural aspect of the project. Client taking Value Engineering assistance at right time, easily identify oversized systems and components and can invoke remedial measures. We will help you determine the perfect system size for your facility so that you don't end up spending more than necessary.


Value engineering, in simple words, is the process of creating optimum value for money spent on your project. You can take help of value engineering throughout the design process to control your costs on the project budget. We enhance your value by choosing items that offer maximum value at a minimal cost and meet the applicable codes and regulations.

Richfield “Value Engineering” Term is “Right Equipment & System for Right Application” 
Addition Value Engineering is not always for Project but  our envelope also incorporates Standalone or  Custom Built Product’s &/or Equipment.



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