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Richfield is the worlds leading manufacturer of process plant equipment & a prominent supplier of extensive engineering services to a variety of process industries. We are distinguished by expert design/engineering, quality manufacturing and cost effective technology application from concept to final stage, offering a comprehensive range of products & solutions for a variety of manufacturing processes & applications. Our capability to supply products & services in a diverse range of manufacturing sectors has enabled us to become one of the worlds most advanced manufacturers of process plant equipment, process systems & extensive engineering solutions.


Richfield has become a pioneer in innovative manufacturing for vertical conveying systems. This experience and intelligent application of technology have made our designs, modifiable as per need and perfect for the all industrial requirements.


Richfield Conveyors is the leader in Conveyor Systems. Using application engineering we manufacture, install and service a complete range of custom-engineered conveyor solutions in conveying applications for manufacturing, assembly, order fulfilment, sorting, material handling and packaging operations. Whether your operation requires a slat, apron, belt, screw, or other conveyors along with custom spares, we supply the system you need.


Richfield custom pressure vessels are fabricated with performance, safety, and quality in mind. Richfield’s tanks, heat exchangers, and process vessels can be used for a wide array of industrial applications. We have the expertise, equipment, and materials necessary to build your customized pressure vessel, regardless of your application or industry.


Many industrial processes produce dust, smoke, or other forms of particulate contamination. Left untreated, these particles render a worksite’s air unsafe to breathe and also damage the environment, so its release is often strictly regulated. To deal with these challenges, we offer the perfect solutions.


Richfield is the premier global turn-key pipe systems manufacturer (pre-fabricator) of pipe, fittings, transition pieces and flanges. Our unique integration strategy leverages upstream master sourcing and turn-key pipe fabrication services to provide customers an end-to-end total piping systems solution.


Richfield auxiliary product range is vast, of high quality, durability, customizable & highly cost effective. We provide products like Heat Exchanger Tube Plugs, Gratings, Modular Stairs & Handrails, Filters & Strainers, and Material Handling Components including many more, as well as customized products in all materials of construction.

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