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Richfield Engineering India, whether in Project Development, Basic & Detail Engineering, Mechanical and Equipment Installation, Maintenance or Upgrades – our Team with Technical Perfection, Uncompromising focus on Quality, Practicality and Innovatively deliver success. 

We takes care of planning, installations, logistics and site coordination, for construction projects. Thanks to this successful methodology we cut down the lead time of projects and deliver in time frames even in most difficult operations. Richfield D2D (Design to Delivery) incorporated in from 2021 has made a difference in attending to customer needs and also/ strictly adherence to contract performance.

Richfield with Key Team expertise & experience is recognized in Construction Service which embrace not only it’s capability but adapt to customer need thereby delivering solutions in unique way for each project and strive to provide technologically advanced and creative methods for construction services of varied sizes, functions, locations and difficulty. The successful construction of any project is only as strong as the erection plan and its execution, and we work tirelessly to offer solutions to the structural challenges presented on each job site.

Richfield has a successful history of rehabilitation and retrofit projects, including maintenance and repairs. These projects generally require a great deal of access planning and means and methods engineering. Because many of the structures &/or equipment’s we work on are highly significant and present in inaccessible locales, the incorporation of any temporary works or access must be strategically designed and located to not infringe on the existing elements of the project.

Richfield offers the engineering and equipment solutions to complete a project regardless of the any constraints. We have experience in place on critical lifts of modularized segments or re-engineering a product to be feasible for ease of installation.

Our advanced engineering and unique solutions encompass every complex problem in a different way that sets us apart from everyone.


Girth Gear Installation
Heavy Columns Power Plant
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