Richfield provide Process Equipment Fabrication Services, including Design and Build customized Tanks, Heat Exchanger & Pressure Vessel. Everything we fabricate, every unit, every component, every custom-engineered piece of equipment is built with that simple Richfield Mission in mind. It starts with impeccable evaluated design and finishes with an unsurpassed level of fabrication that brings your concept to life in a long-lasting, engineering delivery.



Richfield Fabricate, Supply & Install Tanks, Storage Vessel & Silos for different applications meeting compliance relevant codes of compliance viz. IS, BS, API etc to relevant Standard and Quality, with experience in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Other metals. The experience has enable to achieve the ability to Engineer, Procure and Deliver to customer needs.

Our conformance compliance meet quality standards with integrity and industry norms, to ensue it’s delivery in quality with safety and a reliable end product. The appurtenances meet customer exacted specifications, where options for delivery are understood with client requirement. 


Richfield Engineering Team of Storage Vessel Experts can review your requirement’s and make recommendations to help Customer achieve objectives. In most cases, finished Plant Tanks can be fabricated to suit choice of standard installation &/or skid-mounted option, whilst Storage are complied with the aspects of specification. 



Heat exchangers have a broad range of industrial applications. At Richfield, our Design Experts and Affiliate Engineers can interpolate your requirement for optimal heat exchanger meeting for your application.

By using state-of-the-art design software, an inhouse library of past designs, and a large database of product properties, with our affiliate engineers you can be confident that your exchanger is designed to meet your specific process requirements and sizing.

We provide heat exchangers built in a variety of materials, including Carbon steel, 304L and 316L stainless steel, and more corrosion-resistant alloys & metals, meeting Standard Code of compliance of TEMA. 

We listen to our customers and anticipate their specific needs for operating and maintaining their heat exchangers. We strive to minimize maintenance downtime, while provisioning in-built safety features during Design and Manufacture that help your Maintenance Team to quickly and efficiently inspect, clean and service your exchangers.


We also have the ability to provide you with reverse engineered heat exchangers, where we can work off old drawings and or photographs to design and manufacture a new unit  with increased safety features in the same space confinement as the old one.



Richfield Pressure Vessels covering Inline Process, Blending, &/or Mixing range of vessels to customer size, specification as derived and application. Richfield Management personal experience and that of affiliates with vast experience of Designing and Manufacturing meet customers' needs. Pressure Vessels to ASME, IS, BS, DIN, AFNOR, AD Merkblatter etc offering cover Material of Construction from Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel in Different Grades and Alloys. 

Richfield also has experience in providing LPG Bullet tanks up to capacities to 150T from its standard range and other to client specification. Ready Design Bullets can be Manufactured and Delivered including Installation in short lead times.



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