Richfield manufactures auxiliary products for many OEMs, suppliers and various clients. We work closely with light & heavy industries for their constant or customized requirements. Whether from wear and tear to modifications and replacements of components, spares & parts we can quickly provide high quality products ensuring your continuity to progress never halts. Using the latest technology, highly skilled technicians and state of the art equipment we can deliver precise and durable products within shortest timeframes. We have the knowledge, experience and capability to design or reverse engineer a product for your existing equipment even if the original are not longer available.



Richfield Heat Exchanger Tube Plugs offer a low-cost and quick method of sealing leaking tubes. Our plugs are easily installed, so you can establish a positive seal with minimal driving in seconds and get your heat exchanger, back online quickly. We are happy to customize tube plugs according to your needs and in ANY material upon request.


As a professional industry filters & strainers manufacturer, Richfield has rich experience in design, manufacture and supply of superior quality filter housing and elements. You can get your one stop filtration solutions met by our professional, efficient & expert design and performance capabilities.



From manufacturing facilities and technology hubs to regional infrastructure and playground equipment, superior access and safety helps create better environments. Improve your application with reliable gratings from Richfield Gratings. Customizable, shaped to fit applicability, modular fittings options and many features make our gratings ideal choice for you.


Richfield is one of the strongest and most reputable handrails & stairs manufacturers. We are true innovators in the art of stair and handrail design creating many simplified solutions like modular constructions specified to orientations, drastically reducing assembly cost. Our constructions are available in multiple sizing and various designs customizable to desire and outlook. 



The modularity, customizable deck and clear-span design of the Richfield Platform & Ladder series contribute to its use in creating complete work & safety systems as preferred by customers. The ability to easily link and unlink decks around an article makes our platforms very popular for a variety of utility programs. The platforms and ladders can be easily movable or fixed, easy to setup and virtually maintenance-free, highly durable & easy on the pocket.