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Richfield conveyors are engineered specifically for your needs, without compromise. We break the paradigm associated with custom conveyor manufacturers. Custom conveyors means more than giving you the length and width you need; it means we offer an endless number of designs with an endless number of available features and options. We don’t run from customization, we welcome it with open arms, and we expect customization with every job. So, we’ve simply made it our business to be the best conveyor system manufacturer there is.

Richfield offers a full range of Slat Conveyors, Apron Feeders, Belt Conveyors, Chain Conveyors & many more for unit handling and bulk handling in any environments. They are available for moving material horizontally, and for elevating material. We also offer the custom spares for your existing equipment and new ones. We truly are your one stop shop for your conveying needs.



These conveyors have slats attached to double-strand steel sidebar brushed roller chains and are available in all practical widths, length and heights. These material handling conveyors are extremely versatile in handling a multitude of products, form raw materials to manufacturing processes, to finished products and more.


Richfield Apron Feeders are utilized as a primary or feeder utility designed for varying products, from light to heavy-duty, from low to high tonnage of material. They are the feeder of choice for reliability, high uptime and high capital returns and are designed for decades of service. Combined with a variable speed drive, these feeders provide the ultimate in flow control.


Durable Richfield Belt Conveyers are manufactured to manage bulky materials; provide durability and minimal maintenance for a long life. These conveyors will accept bulk load materials from any source and are highly cost effective. They can be oriented for multiple applications, inclinations & customizable as per specific requirements.


Richfield Screw Conveyors are versatile and can be employed in varying positions as well as with multiple feeders. Screw Conveyors can be sealed to prevent dust and moisture exposure. Screw Conveyors can be made out of a variety of materials to make them resistant to corrosion, abrasion or heat resistant depending upon the product being conveyed and can be fitted with jacketed housing and or hollow screws for cooling or heating purposes.


At Richfield, We have the knowledge, equipment and expertise to provide various other conveyors as per customer requirements. Customers Require, We Manufacture.


As a manufacturer, Richfield understands that every part of every conveyor has to work in sync to provide optimal efficiency. That’s why we offer custom part fabrication for your system, so that in the future, you can make us your one-stop-shop for future and existing conveyor spare parts.

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